Birmingham Recycling Network

Birmingham recycling network is a co-operative social enterprise.

We aim to work with Birmingham City Council and businesses to intercept the re-useable and re-cyclable waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

We believe that a collective of individuals and enterprises in the City of Birmingham is a much stronger entity to help the City effectively deal with the 3R’s, build job opportunities, research and innovate.

All of our members below exist to reduce waste: please contact any or all of them if you have waste that could be re-used or recycled:

Birmingham FreegleFreegle exists only to stop usable items being sent to the tip.  If you have an item you no longer need, join Freegle and offer it to someone else for free.  If you need an item – come to Freegle and ask if anyone has one they no longer want.

The Scrapstore Birmingham – collects and sorts materials donated by individuals and businesses for redistribution to individuals and organisations supporting play and creativity.  They collect and sort waste and surplus materials which would often be diverted to landfill and redistribute it and offer it to school providers, schools, community groups and individuals.

Upcycle Birmingham – a social enterprise that recycles furniture in Castle Vale

Birmingham City Council recycling – all of the details on recycling paper, plastic, metal and glass as part of your regular collections from Birmingham City Council.

Don’t Skip It is a waste prevention project run by OLDP Community Interest Company. Based in the jewellery quarter, OLDP collects reusable and recyclable items from business’s, retailers and contractors. We offer volunteering and work placements to women, girls and disadvantaged groups who help us ,repair, market and return the items for sale.

Community Repaint – donate your unused paint and Community Repaint will distribute it to community groups, charities and voluntary organisations

Ladywood Furniture Project – helps anyone wanting to donate re-useable furniture to other people in Birmingham and do not charge to collect furniture, and then sells it at deeply discounted rates to whoever needs it.

Community Transport Birmingham –  holds a stock of recycled, second hand recycled furniture, and collects used furniture and delivers purchased furniture, and can also help with removals, house clearances and transportation of single items.

All-in-One Clearances – a company located in Birmingham who offer UK businesses a buy back service for their used working IT equipment, telecoms, office furniture, and surplus unused printer and copier toner cartridges.

If you are involved in any form of recycling or re-use in Birmingham and you are not listed here, then contact us to join the Birmingham Recycling Network.